Our week in Vodňany

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Results of the activities: https://padlet.com/petra_kochrdova27/akt57k18zm3c93fq

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Video report made by team from Italy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLJqYCCJP7A



The project week started on Sunday 27. 2. 2022 with the arrival of groups from Germany, Portugal, Hungary and Italy to Prague. For some of the students it was their first flight or their first experience abroad without their families. For many host families this was their first experience with hosting foreign students for the whole week.
On Monday each group was asked to introduce their country, hometown and school and all of them had prepared nice presentations. This activity was followed by so called ice-breaking games because teambuilding is very important.
There were also sightseeing trips to widen the cultural knowledge of the participants – they could visit very famous places in our capital – Prague, they visited Český Krumlov – a town which belongs to UNESCO heritage because of its old town and castle. They took part in the walk around our town Vodňany, which is famous for its fishing tradition and a unique secondary school of fisheries that we could see personally the third day.
One of the groups was asked to make a Stop-motion video. At first, students had to come up with a story, make a scene and take the photos. After that they used an app to make a video out of the photos, put some sounds there and comment their own story.
Other group’s result is called “Travelling through countries”. Students were asked to choose 10 places in their countries that are recommended to be visited and take a photo there. It seems that they were able to visit them in a week. Green screen is often used by actors and this was a possibility to imagine being a reporter or an actor.
The third team prepared a quiz connected to EU countries. The aim was to find out how are the students aware of the basic information about European countries and teach them something new. They prepared a Kahoot game in an online app which is very popular with students.
The next group prepared several film quizzes online. Films and actors are known all over the world and most of the students like watching movies. This team was asked to prepare some on-line quizzes connected to recognizing actors and films according to the photos, famous scenes.
The last group made a card game called “Quarteto”. This game is popular with children in Czechia. The first task was to explain the rules of the game to foreign students and then they started creating their own questions and cards. In the end they could play their own game.
There was also a puppet theatre workshop on Wednesday. They had to learn the lines of the story and cooperate to make the play. They were successful and we have got two videos of performance called “The Big Beet”. All of them enjoyed that very much.
All of the project results can be seen on our Padlet page: https://padlet.com/petra_kochrdova27/akt57k18zm3c93fq

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