Erasmus Frankfurter Stadtschule (DE)

  • The Erasmus Gymnasium is a state-approved G9-Gymnasium in Frankfurt, Germany. Our grammar school builds on the proven and successful work of our private primary school. We are a trilingual school (German, English, Spanish) with focus on the acquisition of specialist, communication, social, methodological and media skills.
  • However, trilingualism is not required for admission to the Gymnasium. Thanks to our attractive lateral entry program, every student with a high school recommendation can be admitted to our school and gently enter the concept.
  • Our language concept uses the immersion method, a worldwide successful concept. From the 5th grade, both English and Spanish are taught with the same number of hours per week. 
  • Immersion means learning languages ​​by using them as a matter of course, almost casually, immersing yourself in them and thus internalizing them over the long term.
  • Our three school languages, German, English and Spanish, are always and everywhere present in our everyday school life.
  • In concrete terms, this means that our native-speaker teachers communicate with the students consistently and exclusively in one of our three school languages. That’s why we not only have foreign language lessons from class 5, but the foreign languages ​​are also the working and teaching language in certain subjects: English, for example, in geography, politics and economics, Spanish in art and music and in our trilingual project lessons. In addition, “learning languages” also continues in the afternoon activities. For example, we offer various language workshops and numerous working groups in foreign languages. Our school and class sponsorships in other European countries are also extremely exciting. This means that school trips abroad are part of school life for Erasmus students.