ZŠ a Gymnázium Vodňany (CZ)

Our town Vodňany is located in the South of Bohemia, in Czechia. It’s a former royal town, famous for its fishing tradition, with a big amount of ponds in the surroundings. In Vodňany is situated the only Secondary Fishery School and Higher specialized school of water management and ecology in the Czech Republic.

Jihočeská univerzita 2015 – FROV Libor Svacek, E- mail: box@fotosvacek.cz

Our school is a secondary grammar school providing general education for our students. The school was established in 1994 and in 2016 united with two elementary schools in our town. There are 47 classes and about 1.000 learners altogether. Lots of them commute from surrounding villages and towns, because we are the main school in our area. Also our timetables are prepared depending on bus and train timetables to be convenient for commuters.

main entrance to our high school

At our grammar school there are 8 classes, about 170 students. The pedagogical staff includes 15 teachers. The students are taught classical subjects such as Geography, Biology, Chemistry, History, ICT, Maths, Physics, Civics, P.E or optional R.E. The students learn three languages, English and German are compulsory, Russian is optional. There are also specialized classrooms – an ICT classroom, a science laboratory and a language laboratory. A half of the classrooms is also equipped with tablets for all pupils in the class.

language laboratory
language room
classroom for robotics
language laboratory
IT classroom

The students also take part in many various activities organized by our school every year, e.g. biological courses, sport courses (skiing, water rafting, cycling, …), charity events, students’ days, thematic days and workshops. There are organized a lot of trips and exchange programmes for them to visit foreign countries.

We are integrating virtual reality and QR codes in our lessons, to bring popular technologies into our lessons. We also teach IT in a newly equipped room and everything is aimed to provide wide range of information from different branches. We have invited native speaking teachers in the previous years and we organize a lot of talks with interesting people on interesting topics (places, people, traditions, history, etc.).