Licei Canudo Marone Iti Galilei (IT)


Gioia del Colle is an Italian town of about 30,000 inhabitants in Puglia, in the South of Italy. Our city is known both culturally and militarily for the presence of Norman-Swabian castle, Rossini Municipal Theatre and Antonio Ramirez Military Airport.

Our high school IISS ”Canudo-Marone-Galilei” is composed by three buildings: scientific, classical and technical schools.

The logo below represents our school, whose website is where the headmaster publishes communications for students, parents and teachers about activities, training courses and certifications.

The Technical Institute “Galileo Galilei” offers different specialization courses in Mechanics and Mechatronics, Electrotechnics, Electronics, Information Technology, Transport and Logistics. Our institute is also equipped with many technical laboratories that allow students to apply what they study practically.

The classical high school, Lyceum “Publio Virgilio Marone”, was established in 1926, and now is one of  the most ancient and prestigious school in the nearby. The peculiarity of this school is the study of Latin and Ancient Greek and in general all humanistic subjects have a great importance. In our school there is a famous library, it contains a lot of books, both old and contemporary. It’s a masterpiece!

The scientific high school “R. Canudo” was founded in the 60s. It offers traditional courses and also an applied science course, where the practice of computer labs is more frequent.

The students take part in many activities organized by the school every year like robotics, theatre course, language certifications, debate course, biotechnology course, olympics in mathematics and physics, Cisco and other IT certifications.

Moreover in our school are organised a lot of trips and exchange programmes like Erasmus and Intercultura in order to visit foreign countries and learn about their history, culture and traditions.